Urban Mainstream

The Urban Mainstream project

Hello and welcome to the Urban Mainstream project, an initiative aimed at improving and upgrading urban areas and turning them into space, buildings and workspaces that will benefit the local community.
Having the opportunity to improve local spaces such as wasteland, abandoned buildings, railway arches and such not only makes the place look dramatically better but can also bring new business to an area which in turn boosts the local economy, increases job opportunities and improves the area as a whole.

Several urban regeneration projects in major UK cities have been carried out in recent years turning previously undesirable areas into places with a huge demand.

We use a combination of private donations and grants to achieve our goals and several world famous architects have also donated their time and expertise to ensure that the project is of the highest standard, leaving a long term value rather than short term fix. By doing something now about the unsavoury remnants of history we can build a better tomorrow for local communities.
We hope that you take this journey with us be it as a supporter or volunteer. We can all benefit from working together and you can keep up to date with all of our projects here at UrbanMainstream.com.